Friday, July 3, 2009

Thought Leaders talk at #SHRM09

The SHRM Conference in New Orleans offered unparalled opportunities for networking this year. This was by far the most web connected and audience interactive National Conference I have ever attended. People were tweeting, blogging, getting loaded, uploading and videoing.

It was unique due to that connectivity for a couple of reasons. Many of the best minds in the HR profession were sharing information on stage, in person, and on the web. There was a lot to be learned.

Since people could communicate via the Web from virtually anywhere, a lot of information was exchanged beyond the event. THis process began even before Jack Welch hit the stage for the opening keynote, and continued throughout Jack's speech and over the next 4 days.

Here is a whimsical sampling of what some of the greatest minds in HR were discussing "behind the scenes" on Twitter. See if you can match the tweet with the tweeple. Leave your answers in the comments. The one who gets all 10 right comes the closest will receive a valuable piece of #SHRM09 swag from my swag bag.

Your tweeple to choose from include:

Libby Sartain - @libbysartain
Kris Dunn - @kris_dubb
Jack Welch - @Jack_welch
Laurie Ruettimann - @lruettimann
China Miner Gorman - @SHRMcoo
Keith Ferrazzi - @keithferrazzi
Sharlyn Lauby - @sharlyn_lauby
Michael Long - @theredrecruiter
Traci Deveau - @Devoted2HR
Pamela J. Green - @SHRMCMO

1. "Just arrived in NOLA six hours late. Thanks, Continental. Thanks for nothing."

2. "2 hours til I speak to my heroes at Society for Human Resource Mgmt conference in New Orleans. Quick stop for beignets first."

3. "Billy Mays just died? What is going on!?"

4. "At Deanie's Seafood on Iberville having an amazing Bloody Mary--it's better than the coffee I never got. And cures all that ails you."

5. "Me tweeting at #SHRM09 is like Les Miles tweeting at the Superbowl - says my football coach husband!"

6. "Incidentally, Jack's tie has horizontal blue stripes on a yellow tie! He's still in the ice cream color family! Jack Rocks!"

7. "Suzy Welch is 4 seats away. Cool!"

8. "My 50 year old neighbor just put a hoops move on a phantom defender in his driveway. It ain't Welch, but it'll do until i get to NO!"

9. "One way: make the boss smarter than the question they asked. That is how U move the company forward."

10. "Jack: (last advice) Do not be victims. Stand up or move on."

Have fun, and check out a moment of Jack Welch at #SHRM09 in the video below!

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