Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jack Welch has a few opinions

If you work in HR, Jack Welch thinks you should find your voice.

He thinks you should execute and over deliver.

He thinks your employees need to trust you.

He thinks a lot of stuff.

He speaks straight from the gut

I think you should be listening to him.

Jack Welch adamantly made a number of points today while speaking at SHRM.

The one that resonated with me the most was his comment that as he crosses the country speaking and teaching he hears more and more people saying that they want out of the corporate world. Welch said that entrepreneursm is flourishing in America.

Welsh sees this as a looming challenge to the Human Resources profession. We are going to have to develop strategies to attract talented people who may aspire to different things. Welch also says that HR will have to develop work cultures where people have the flexibility and freedom to contribute in ways that work for them. Welch believes that much of this change derives from our current economic turmoil.

A lot of people feel like they don't have security, so they don't have much to lose by taking a risk like starting their own business. Possibly this will change when the economy picks up, but Welch doesn't seem to think so.

It was a really enjoyable keynote. Kudos to SHRM for bringing such a dynamic speaker to New Orleans.

I also enjoyed Welch's comments on the Obama administration, which he described as "crazy". I shot a one minute video where I caught him answering question. It is pretty funny.

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