Monday, April 6, 2009

How I Got a Gig as a Music Critic Through Twitter

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My One Day Career as a Music Critic

Our mission statement here at HRH says that we want to rock the good companies, and knock the bad ones.

Sometimes we just like to Rock!

How do we rock?

Well, it goes like this:

Social Media Law of Attraction

I am writing all this week about why it is important for HR professionals to start to use social media tools every day.

I am currently working on a post about why a blog is a useful self-development tool -- in addition to a branding tool, a research tool, a networking tool, and a few other things!

As it turns out, sometimes a blog is also the means to free concert tickets! Not to mention furnishing me with opportunity to have a one day career as a Music Critic!

How you might ask?

Sometime last Fall, I was wasting time doing research on twitter when someone I had just connected with sent me a DM (Direct Message - for the unTwittered) asking me if I was interested in free tickets to the ACC championship football game in Tampa.

Of course, being the consummate HR professional, I took the freebie and went to the game, writing a blog post on EventChaser which is a RazorGator blog.about in exchange for the tickets.

This also became a post here on HRH about my one day career as a sports reporter.

In early March, I got an email from Alexis at RazorGator asking if I wanted some Morrissey tickets. That didn't work out due to an illness, but I got Ani Difranco tickets instead.

Making a long story short -- I used some frequent flyer miles to get my youngest son Eric down to Florida from Indiana and off we went on an Ani road trip to see her play at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida. We had an awesome time. I had to write another blog post about being a music critic for a day - which you can see over on EventChaser - where they call me Tampa Mike and where I was the Original Event Chaser!

So what's my point about social media and HR? Simple, dudes - three things

  1. HR people like free stuff.
  2. To get excellent free stuff, you have to be hooked up - or connected
  3. Social media - like twitter - hooked me up with RazorGator - and RazorGator hooks me up with free tickets - because I write about the trips on my blog.
So twitter + blog + connections = free stuff!

Be like Mike - Tampa Mike anyway - and get hooked up - with twitter or with RazorGator.

You can follow RazorGator and EventChaser or me on twitter

RazorGator Your Connection for Hard-to-Get® Tickets!

P.S. - Congratulations to Michael Jordan on his induction into the NBA Hall of Fame today, and Go Spartans!

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