Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twitter Fun and Games

Twittering my friendsImage by eldevlin via FlickrFun and Games on Twitter

A nice post from Warren Whitlock on a tweet he got this morning:

I was thinking about the world social and especially what it means in social media.. preparing for my presentation at Increasing Sales With Social Media coming up tomorrow in San Diego.

(you can still get your ticket here, or listen to just my segment live at Friday at 9am Pacific on TwitCastRadio).

Is this play or work?

You may have heard me say “If you can tell the difference between work and play, you aren’t doing one of them right” .. but people in stage 1 or 2 keep telling me that they are looking for:

  • How do I make more money with social media?
  • Does Twitter get me more customers?
  • What’s the ROI on using Twitter?

I’ve answered these question so many times. Told them that marketing in the future is dependant on meaningful connections and building relationships with real human beings.

Then I tell them a couple of stories about people making money with their social media connections, doing business faster and why meaningful connections will make their work more like play and play profitable.

I thought I really knew this stuff.

Then I get this tweet:

I have to admit that my immediate reaction when I read the post was “What a lot of nonsense! I have real work to do”

I’m literally sitting next to my front door, should be on my way to the airport.. and I’m reading a blog about playing tag?

Mike1Just then, I noticed @mvndrvrt’s photo on his web page with the caption that this was him in his work clothes

He get it. Work is play, play is work. Life is FUN!

Thanks for the reminder Mike

So here I am, not worried about being late for my flight.. playing tag on my blog.

You can read the rules here.. I’m breaking the rules (NO RULES.. remember) so subscribers to the blog and everyone I know on Twitter will get to be “it”

Tag.. Your it?

Link back to this post.. follow the rules on @mvndrvrt’s post if you’d like, but do follow @mvndrvrt for sure.

Then leave a comment here to let me know your thought on the difference between work and play.

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