Thursday, July 23, 2009

Which company culture would you pay for?

Why did Amazon want to buy Zappos?

For a lot of reasons, but one of the most compelling: the Zappos culture.

Amazon has its own unique approach, but isn't afraid to reach out and bring in something new and potentially enriching.

Seth Godin nails it when he says Amazon bought Zappos to gain:

What you buy when you spend that kind of money is what matters
now. And what matters is:

  • A corporate culture that's not the same (and where great
    people choose to work)

  • A tight relationship with customers that give you
    permission to talk with them

  • A business model that's remarkable and worth
    talking about

  • A story that spreads

  • Leadership

These things are available to organizations of every size. If you want them
and choose to work for them.

Or buy them in this case.

Which company would you buy if you could pick a company culture to blend with your own?

A couple of mine (besides Zappos) would be Whole Foods, the "old" Starbucks, and a small company in Florida called IZEA.

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