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What is HRevolution? - HRevolution '09

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What is HRevolution? - HRevolution '09

Brought to us by the genius that is @Trish_HR and @BenUebanks, amongst others, but c'mon guys - Cleveland?

What is HRevolution?

It started as an idea. Now It's a movement.

Be be the next one to join us in our quest to revolutionize the HR field!

We are bloggers, thinkers, creatives, and innovative people with a heart for helping others. This conference is going to focus on a few things, but it's up to you to help us decide what!

Here are a few of the developing ideas so far:

* The world of HR blogging and what it has to offer you
* New (and aspiring) HR bloggers
o Deciding your niche
o Creating a blog
o Developing a following
o Networking with other bloggers
* Established HR bloggers
o Dominating your niche
o Marketing your blog
o Driving traffic (SEO)
o Keeping your creative juices flowing
o Video/podcasting
o Community blogging

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