Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is your job search about to dye?

Picture of a man named Jeff, with dyed blue ha...Image via Wikipedia and Just for Men (the hair coloring guys) have come out with a web site and career guide aimed at men over forty. Ordinarily, I would not write an article about something that is at least partially a specialized advertisement. In this case, the aligned offering has relevance to workplace topics.

There are many males over the age of forty who are either actively engaged in a job search, or who are suffering concern about their job security. Monster and Just for Men are giving away an e-book called "The Guy's Guide to Reenergizing Your Career".

Even though the campaign clearly plays to fears of ageism and loss of job, some of the content is worthwhile. They also generously provide coupons for you to save money if you buy into the idea that you need to change the color of your hair in order to hold gainful employment.

This is all part of a broad multi-media campaign. I heard about this web site via an ad that played on the most popular sports talk radio program in Tampa during afternoon drive time. Yesterday, I saw a television ad in which a daughter gives her father a box of Just for Men as he laments over his upcoming interview. Later, he comes home, hair darker, confident that he got the job. He gets a hug from his loving daughter.

Looking past all that, here are some of the topics you will find in the career guide.

  • Beat the "Over 40" barriers
  • the 40+ career reinvention checklist
  • Look the part: How old do you look?
  • Show your experience the right way
  • I'm overqualified!
  • Get rid of negative thoughts
  • Why smart guys get stuck in ruts
  • Motto for interviews: be prepared
  • Fight job search ageism
  • Search tactics for seasoned workers
  • Lessons from past recessions
  • Strategies to leverage experience
  • Dealing with differences at work
Note: This is not a paid post or paid product placement. The information is shared for those who may find it useful or bizarre or alarming. No gray hairs were intentionally dyed or harmed in the writing of this post.

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