Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HR a la Carnival!

The carnival, from the ferris wheelImage by Hourman via Flickr

The Carnival is up and running!

Mick Collins is serving up a special 27 dish serving of HR a la Carnival over on the InfoHRM blog.

So join the whole carny crew spins the Merry go Round and the Ferris Wheel of HR with Mike Haberman, Gautam Ghosh, Ben Eubanks, Amit Baghria, April Dowling, Susanna Cesar, Josh Letorneau, Steve Boese, Chris Young, Graham Salisbury, Erik Samdahl, Mark Bennett, Susan Heathfield, Wally Bock, Sharlyn Lauby, The HR Store, Dan McCarthy, Jon Ingham, Drew Tarvin, Jessica Miller-Merrill, Richard Manning Jr. and Laurie Ruettimann. (and me!)


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