Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hire Yourself Some of Your HR Guy!

My reach won't be as big as that of my buddy Kris Dunn on helping this guy find a job, but when it comes to a job search, the more the merrier!

One of the top minds in HR blogging has just come onto the market. He comes with a few conditional strings, but man...gotta be a place out there quickly for a guy this smart. I am talking about Lance Haun aka Your HR for hire.

What exactly is he looking for? I'll let him tell you in his own words:

Good news for all you folks looking for an awesome, social media savvy HR pro: Lance Haun is now offering his services full time at a competitive hourly, salary and/or contract rate.

What am I looking for?
  • HR/Talent opportunities in the Portland, Oregon metro area or a telecommuting/remote type opportunity (my wife loves her job).
  • Anything involving blogging/social media would be a big plus. Continuing my involvement with this blog is a necessity.
  • HR vendor space? Other opportunities that fit my skill set? Let’s talk.

Do I find it a little humorous that this happened right after I posted about this? A little bit. I also appreciate David Perry sending me a review copy of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Seekers 2.0 a couple of weeks ago. Who knew I would have such a keen interest in reviewing the book so quickly?

You can reach Lance via email at I suggest you do so quiickly before he gets snapped up!

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