Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Real HR Reality Show!

Cover of "Two Weeks Notice (Widescreen Ed...Cover of Two Weeks Notice (Widescreen Edition)

Laurie Ruttimann posted on her blog Punk Rock HR about what an HR Reality show might look like a few days ago. She got plenty of great ideas, but I don't think this was one of them!

Todd Mitchem & Michael Torrie have developed a show called 2 Weeks Notice.

The premise: (source)

Your boss just walked in and gave you two weeks notice. You are fired!
You are in shock, but at the same time you know in your heart of hearts you are just not living up to your full potential. You are going through the motions at work. And now the axe has fallen.

You are not alone; every day people are let go from their jobs even though they have enormous potential. For most of those people they simply do not know how to live up to their own promise. They do not have the knowledge and resources to make the needed changes, so they spend their work days just getting by – until finally the hammer falls.

Well, what if instead of being let go you were given a new kind of two weeks notice; the help you need to change yourself, the way you work, and the way you look to unleash all of that hidden capability? Would you take the offer or just walk away?

This show will take people with unrealized potential from all walks of life and give them two weeks to completely transform themselves. Utilizing world class personal development coaches, style artists and business leaders you could find yourself on this amazing journey into your own greatness.

2 Weeks Notice….in two short weeks, you…..Maximized!

Feel qualified? Apply here fired!!!

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