Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jobs: A Love-Hate Relationship

Jobs. Can we live without them?

One of the most popular searches by readers of Human Race Horses is job rating sites like JobVent or GlassDoor. There are other such as Telonu, RateMyEmployer (specializing in Canadian companies), LookBeforeYou Leap, and even Vault (click on Companies). So if you hate your job, check out these sites.

On the other hand, if you love your job, or just want to hear success stories from people who landed jobs they love, you might want to listen to the podcast called How I Got My Job. This podcast presents job-hunting success stories in an interview format. The program runs about 20 minutes and comes out weekly. It is created by Daniel Johnston Jr.
Dan describes the podcast as being "like Inside the Actor’s Studio, but for job searching instead of acting."

Love your job or hate it, they tend to comprise a large portion of our lives and our self-identity. We like to talk about them, bitch about them, and generally obsess about them.

Here are the employers that people are currently loving and hating on JobVent.

I Love My Job

  1. Teavana

  2. PayChex

  3. Presidio Networked Solutions

  4. Armani Exchange

  5. L & L Products

  6. inkstop

  7. Boeing

  8. MetLife

  9. Asurion

  10. ACR Homes

  1. Digital Juice

  2. Journal Register Company (JRC)

  3. Boston Scientific

  4. Staffing Plus

  5. Olan Mills

  6. IQPC

  7. Zep Manufacturing

  8. Quest Diagnostics, Inc.

  9. Toys "R" Us

  10. Meijer
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  2. Hi Michael! Thanks for the post about How I Got My Job! I just set up a Share page for folks interested in putting a badge or text link on their site.

    Make it a great day!

    Daniel Johnson, Jr.


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