Monday, May 18, 2009

HR Web Cafe Links

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Human RaceHorses a nice mention from Julie Ferguson over at HR Web Cafe as part of a post with links to a bunch of good article. Thanks for including us in your Short takes on Political change, social media, wellness incentives and disincentives, gender identity, work-life!

Here are some of the better links on twitter and the mention of my post!

Change is in the air - Michael at Human Race Horses tells HR managers that,
"Your world is going to change one way or the other. Get ready!" Check out his
must-read post about 7 People Who Will Change Human Resources in 2009.

To tweet or not to tweet? - Melanie Holmes of Contemporary Working has
some interesting statistics about the prevalence of social networking tools. But should we be concerned about the ubiquity and 24/7 nature of work communication that these new tools afford? Are social networking tools addictive? Jeffrey Hirsch of Workplace Prof Blog raises the issue of whether employers could have any liability
for technology addiction
. Related: Charlotte Huff has an excellent article that discusses Staying Afloat in a Digital Flood at Workforce.
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