Monday, May 11, 2009

Build Your Business by Giving It Away

Consulting Firm seeks to build business with Pay It Forward Model

A consulting company in San Diego is using an interesting take off on a Kevin Spacey film to try to generate new business in the slower economy. In a press release, Novus Origo has announced that it will offer free consulting services on a limited basis to Fortune 100 companies.

This could become the next hot consulting business model.

Bain and Co. and Boston Consulting Group have made some nice fees by accepting equity stakes in some of the firms they have consulted for.

What comes next?

Subscription consulting services?

Hourly based fees, like those charged by recruiting firm Qualigence?

Kudos for being creative!

Novus Origo Offers Free Human Resources and Technology Project
Management, Outsourcing Consulting, and Relationship Management Consulting Services to Fortune 1000 Companies

Hoping to generate a Pay-It-Forward goodwill, Novus Origo's Chief Executive
Officer and the Management team decided that Novus Origo would offer its
services on a limited basis for free as a way to help out companies that may
need assistance in the areas of Project Management, Outsourcing Consulting, and
Relationship Management.

Novus Origo understands that during these challenging economic times
companies need to look at all efficiencies to remain competitive and viable.
This is one of the principles that Novus Origo was founded on, not only during
tough economic times, but during all times.

"Our offering of these free services is not a step to provide help at a
reduced quality from our standard top-quality services. We know what it takes to
be successful, and we want to be able to help companies to continue to compete
and excel in today's economic environment. When we do this, Novus Origo gets the
opportunity to invest in the success of other companies, as well as investing in
our own company's success. It's really a win-win scenario, companies get to know
more about Novus Origo's capabilities, while we get additional brand recognition
associated with our outstanding services," said Alison Gross, Senior Vice
President of Marketing for Novus Origo.

"We realize that we will not be able to help everyone, nor will we be able to financially provide teams to support long-term projects. However, we can work with qualified clients to provide limited analysis and direction to help get them back on track," said

Novus Origo believes that through careful assessment of projects, outsourcing, and vendor management, companies are able to realize savings that help maximize profits, and when times are tough those savings may be drawn upon as reserves to carry a company through. It is never too late to look at cost savings and complete the assessments necessary to assure that a company is working on the "right" projects for any given period of time. Novus Origo specializes in these assessments, and by giving these services away for free, they believe those businesses that need assistance will be able to keep our country focused on moving forward.

Novus Origo is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned
Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides dynamic world-class Project Management,
Outsourcing Consulting, and Relationship Management services. Novus Origo is
managed by an executive team with over 60 years of industry experience who have
successfully planned, supervised, and directed major national and international
projects for the U.S. Government and Fortune 500 companies.

For further information about Novus Origo, please call Alison Gross at
(760) 438-4354, visit
or email:

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  1. Wow, that is very bold for Novus Origo to do it, but if they have plenty of money on hand, they can do whatever they want.

    I have started this for my own recruiting firm of hourly based fees because 1) I'm in the market of nonprofits and they're not doing well now and 2) Do companies need to spend $5K on hire during these times. It's great for the large companies, but in my sector, you have to build the relationship with your client if they're willing to do it.

    I do believe you're right that we're heading towards subscriptions and hourly based fees.

  2. @Tracy - thanks for the comment. I think this is an example of how the internet business model and today's economy will continue to modify traditional business models.

    As big a business as recruiting is, it seems inevitable that the commissions and fees will have to change.

    Too many cometitive pressures for it not to happen.

    Thanks for sharing


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