Sunday, May 3, 2009

About to be Fired?

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Fight Back!

Back in February, I blogged about sites that permit employees to anonymously report their salaries and to critique their employers.

Three of the major ones are Glassdoor, Job Vent, and TalentEquity.

Recently I was asked to look at a new site with a similar concept. The new page is called About2bFired? According to the site, this forum is available to be:

Your Personal, Online, Confidential,
Anonymous Human Resource Department

Talk about job problems you're not
comfortable talking about with your
company human resources representative.

About to be fired or layed off.

Talk to others in this same position about what is happening!

  • What are they doing to you?
  • Can they do that?
  • Why is this happening to you?

Don't suffer in silence any longer. Don't be ashamed. Don't be isolated. Transform your employment situatio is a community for employees who are in the middle of the termination process. You may want assistance from others in the community who were previously involved in assisting unfairly terminated employees and who now want to anonymously help you. This community includes

  • HR practioners (managers & supervisors) currently working or retired.
  • EEOC representatives.
  • Retired Employment or Workforce Commission employees.
  • Labor law attorneys, etc.
  • Other individuals who are just like you...who find themselves in a similar, unfortunate position.

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