Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 Steps to EFCA Compromise

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Five steps to a genuine Card Check compromise OpEd Contributor Washington Examiner

The scope of reform would have to be expanded to include the entire laundry
list of reforms that have waited six decades. There are a number of reasonable
demands real labor reformers can insist upon:

1. Get rid of card check altogether. If all elections can be held
in a short period of time, there’s simply no compelling rationale for using a
card check system at all.

2. Disclose the “fine print. Regulators already require credit
card offers to carry relatively simple, standardized information on the true
costs of that service. In contrast, unions can induce U.S. workers to sign a
legally binding union authorization card without any disclosure of all costs of

3. A national “right to work” law. Any legitimate re-examination
of our tired labor laws will closely scrutinize the ability of unions to compel
employees to pay for union representation that they may not wish.

4. Actual transparency. Codify the sea-saw rules on what
financial information unions have to disclose to their members.

5. Crack down on extortion. Currently, union officials are exempt from
certain federal extortion laws.
The political reality ought to be apparent
quite quickly: Each vote against fully considered workplace elections, full
disclosure, transparency, a worker’s right to be free from forced association,
extortion -- is another nail in a political coffin. Each is another line
in a campaign mailer or another sentence in a 30-second spot.
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