Thursday, April 16, 2009

Using Tweetdeck Productively

Tweetdeck Revisited

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We are getting ready to wind down our extended week of training for Human Resources Pros on social media and on using twitter as a social networking tool.

In my post on using twitter as a research tool, I wrote about tweetdeck being a very useful part of that process.

I'd like to to point to an excellent review of tweetdeck that I found today. It is from the Serve the Song blog and was written by Brian Casel.

Twitter is quickly becoming a hugely powerful tool for connecting on the social web. Songwriters and musicians around the world have embraced the twittersphere to connect with fans and spread their music. Today I’d like to offer a review of my official twitter weapon of choice: TweetDeck.

It’s one of the most feature-packed Twitter clients out there, and it’s geared towards the power-Twitter user. TweetDeck is the perfect solution for songwriters and bands who need to manage a very large Twitter following, while connecting with lots of new like-minded fans. TweetDeck is still considered to be in “beta”, but they just released the latest version, TweetDeck 0.25, which brings a handful of cool features on-top of all the gems it already had.

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