Monday, April 6, 2009

Twitter and Human Resources | A Week of Training

The Big Kids of Twitter

I am going to focus all week this week on posts about why it is important for human resouces professionals to get themselves immersed in using and understanding social media tools and technology.

I am focusing primarily on twitter as a place to start, even though there many other tools you should also be paying attention to including facebook, blogging communities for HRM and recruiting, and others.
Posts this week will feature topics like:
  • List of the top HR users on Twitter
  • Twitter as a Research tool
  • Twitter as Recruiting tool
  • Twitter as a Reputation tracking tool
  • How Twitter is Relevant in HR

I am even running a contest through Thursday if you want to enter.

On Leadership, a column in the Washington Post has a story on CEOs and thought leaders who are using twitter. Featured leaders include Tony Hsieh CEO, @zappos, Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and chairman, @jack, Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, @johnculberson, Gerould Kern, Editor, Chicago Tribune, @gerrykern, and Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, @michaelhyatt.

It provides a great description of twitter and how it can utilized by business (although it is more than 140 characters long, violating the Twitter Prime Directive)

If you haven't at least heard of the social networking toolTwitter by now, you might want to crawl out from under the rock where you've been living and check it out. The site -- which allows users to update other people ("followers" in Twitter speak) on their whereabouts, share links to articles and pictures, and pass along any other
information they can squeeze into 140 characters or less -- has been growing at
a feverish pace (since it launched in 2006) and, although the site does not yet have a viable business plan itself, Twitter has become a prime way to monitor breaking news, keep up with friends and promote brands.

So - be daring - c'mon out into the sun and tweet with some of the big kids!

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  1. Hi Michael,
    So glad you're tackling this for us. I have been actively trying to think of ways to incorporate social media into my HR role and it has been a real turning point. I feel more informed and like I'm able to be more proactive because of the knowledge I'm gaining. Love also to hear what you think about HR roles in the future and how social media may change/enhance them.

  2. Hi Trish

    Are you on twitter yet?

    Thanks for the note. Kudos to you for working to get social media into your evry day work. It makes a huge difference once you get past allt he usual excuses about "don't have time" and "it's too impersonal" bla bla bla

    I'll make a note on your topic suggestions for a future post. Great idea!


    Follow me on twitter at @mvndrvrt

  3. Thank you!

    I am a HUGE advocate for HR professionals tapping into the power of Social Media!

    *Brand Identity
    *Employment Branding
    *Industry Knowledge
    *SWOT Analysis

    HR Professions are Business Professionals -- and Business Professionals and Business Professionals need to be on top of Web 2.0.

    ~Nora A Burns, SPHR

  4. @noraburns

    Etc! indeed - I attended a tweetup in Tampa a few weeks ago and went for drinks with some tweeps after. While at dinner, one of them used their Iphone to see how long people at the table had been on twitter. She was astounded that I had been on twitter for 597 days - not because I was 51 and have gray hair - but because I work in HR.

    "I can't believe that someone in HR would be such an early adopter! That's amazing!"

    I thought it was kind of sad that people think of my profession that way.


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