Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thirteen Tips on Doing Research Via Twitter

Twitter as a Research Tool
Continuing our series on utilizng twitter as an entry point into social media, here is a set of links from a variety of sources expanding further on the benefits and techniques for using twitter as a research tool.

  1. A Ph.D. and his idea on using twitter as a research tool in education

  2. How Lawyers & Other Professionals are Using Twitter as a Research Tool

  3. Twitter & SEO Keyword Research Tools - The best explanation of Twitter I have ever heard, was from twitter user @wisekaren who tweeted to me the following:
    “FB (Facebook) is for people you used to know; Twitter is for people you’d like to know.”

  4. Using Twitter as a research tool! Follow me… as explained by @Stever

  5. Twitter for Research: Why and How to Do It, Including Case Studies by @hendrylee

  6. 4 Twitter Tools for Business Research

  7. Twitter as Target Market Research Tool (and the Twitterization of Clayton Makepeace)

  8. Four Platforms To Use Twitter As A Research Tool

  9. You Should Be Caught Using Twitter At Work

  10. How to Use Twitter for Information Mining

  11. Using Twitter in Qualitative Research

  12. Twitter is the Ultimate Research Tool

  13. 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

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