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SHRM Launches Inaugural Blog

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Big News from SHRM on Social Media

Here is a guest blog post from China Gorman, Chief Operating Office at SHRM. I am really happy to see China post here, and absolutely delighted to have China posting on some big news from SHRM!

Take it away, China!

Thanks to Michael for inviting me post a guest blog while he’s travelling. What an honor! The good news is that I have good news to report!

This week, SHRM launched its first-ever blog to help HR professionals prepare for the single largest gathering of their peers in the world: SHRM's 61st Annual Conference and Exposition. The new blog will provide daily updates over the next 10 weeks about conference sessions and speakers, networking events, volunteer opportunities, and how HR professionals can earn up to 26 certification and re-certification credits over the four days.

If there was ever a year that SHRM’s annual conference was a “must attend” for HR professionals, this is it! We’ve gone to great lengths to make this conference timely, relevant and useful to meet the current needs of all HR professionals. This required us to look closely at everything we could do to support and strengthen our members as they face new challenges that did not exist a year – or even six months ago.

Since we planned the original agenda a year ago, we’ve now revised much of the conference's content, speakers, and networking opportunities. This includes a dozen or so updated sessions that address managing during a downturn, as well as an inaugural session on blogging and Twitter . We’ll be asking some HR bloggers their thoughts about how they use social media to support their cutting-edge HR practices. The bloggers are well known to readers of HumanRaceHorses: PunkRockHR, the HRCapitalist, yourHRguy, and FistfulofTalent.

This is very exciting for me personally and professionally. I recently began Twittering (@ SHRMcoo) and and have been welcomed in to the social network of an extraordinary group of HR folks. Like many of you, I have seen incredible growth in the HR social media space in a very short amount of time. Social media is changing the way HR professionals stay current in their jobs, and SHRM is excited to be moving into this rapidly evolving space. And, we have more exciting news to announce in the very near future, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’d love your thoughts and feedback about our new blog and how to make it a more useful and effective tool for HR.

Leave your comments in the comments section. SHRM will get your feedback

China: Gracias for the post from Cusco, Peru! -- Michael

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