Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maximize Your Vacation via Delegation

Chillin' in the Andes at MachuPicchu

What is the best part of work?

Probably two things - the earnings capability that allows you to do things with your money, and taking time off to spend the money.

My wife Kyle and I landed back in Tampa today from our vacation in Peru. I will be writing more about it later (and posting a sh*tload of pictures on Flickr this weekend!) but I need to take care of some business right now before I go finish my last day of vacation out at the pool.

First, thanks again to my guest bloggers for providing such great content - the place stayed very busy while I was out drinking Pisco Sours and dining on brochette of Alpaca...fer reels. Let me close out this special guest set by introducing the band!

Jason C. Blais writing about Social Media - the Good and the Bad

Eric B. Meyer on EFCA and labor compromise which may have changed again while I was gone with Arlen Specter turning into a Democrat. WTF???

Karla Porter wrote about her own personal experience and motivations for seeking a career change during an uncertain economy. If you haven't read her post, you should!

Like Eric Meyer, Jennifer Platzkere Snyder, Esquire is a Partner with the law firm Dilworth Paxson LLP in Philadelphia, PA. Jennifer wrote about getting your company prepared for EFCA. I might need to read this one again!

I was really pleased to have China Gorman, the COO at SHRM draft a post, and even more happy to have her announce the opening of the first SHRM blog ever. How cool is that?

and the opening act was provided by none other than GL Hoffman, founder of Linkup, a unique job search board. Any one looking for work, or helping someone look should check this tool out!
GL wrote about the swamp called HR. It's an interesting look at HR by a non-traditional HR person. Give it a look if you haven't already.

Peru - taking time off the J-O-B to spend the M-O-N-E-Y.

there really is only one rule about time off - you shoul take it, and you should do it right! Kyle and I did.

From our train to MachuPicchu (The Backpacker run by PeruRail)

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