Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Human Resources Day

Another HR Holiday!

Well, a special holiday for HR anyway...in Singapore.

When will we get HR day in the US? (April 1st maybe?)

From The Straits Times:

MINISTER for Manpower Gan Kim Yong kicked off Singapore's
first Human Resources Day
(HR) on Tuesday morning, which saw more than 700
HR professionals taking a walk at the War Memorial Park to commemorate the

HR Day, which will be marked on the 1st of March from next year, is
believed to be the first of its kind in the world.

President of the Singapore Human Resources Institute, Madam Ho Geok
Choo, said the day formally recognises the 'significant contributions of HR and
people managers'.


  1. That's awesome! I hope they had fireworks (at least) because we deserve it!

    Maybe we can have SHRM advocate for our own holiday here in the US? I think that's an excellent use of our membership dues.

  2. C3, great question!

    Given that it was an HR Day - it is more likely that they served cake - before, during and after the walk around the park.

    I hope it was good cake!

    I am sure @SHRMcoo would love to hear your suggestion!

    -- Michael

  3. Sounds great but what they didn't report was the angry mob of employees following the marchers because they couldn't get change from the vending machine, there was no one available to give them antacids from the medicine chest, they had questions about their paycheck, etc... :)

  4. Not to mention -

    I don't like how I was rated on my performance appraisal

    All of those absences were covered by Dr. notes


    What do you mean you mailed my vacation check home??? -- Now my wife will know I get paid that $ every uear!


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