Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pizzeria makes workers wear shirts quoting bad Yelp reviews

Reverse Punk Rock Social Media

This story reminds me of the attitude of my pal Laurie Ruettimann over at Punk Rock HR.

When will we get to see some PRHR merch on the market, Laurie?

I want a t-shirt that says "Jack Welch: I'm so done with him!" or "HR is NOT your friend!"

I can retire on the royalties from this idea!

From Digg and the Consumerist:

Instead of hiding the bad press of their products that customers post on Yelp, the pizzeria proudly features quotes from one-star reviews about the pizzeria and made them into T-shirts for their staff to wear. Punishment or brilliant marketing scheme?

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  1. @Laurie
    I know you do! We are buddies over there.

    I got nothing against Yelp.

    I just liked the t-shirts w/ attitude and they did remind me of you..


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