Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yahoo CEO Faces Rocky Start

Image representing Carol Bartz as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBase

Yahoo Works To Rebuild Culture, or Not?

Yahoo Inc. said Monday that its chief communications officer, Jill Nash, is leaving the company.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Yahoo denied that the move was related in any way to a rumored "bounty" offer made by new CEO Carol Bartz Friday to help pay a $1,000 bounty for information on who in the Sunnyvale company is leaking information to the press.

Despite the offer, the Wall Street Journal blog, All Things D reported that CEO Bartz was:

  • Unhappy that her first company wide memo made its way to the press
  • Critical of employees showing up late for meetings
  • Unhappy with descriptions of how the company operates

Sounds like a rocky start to the post-Yang era.

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