Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Business in the Family

New Business

This post is not human resources related directly.

It is about an entrepreneur.

This person has had two business endeavors during the time I have known them.

The first was very successful and was sold, and is still being operated by someone else in a very different form.

The second one launched last week, and conducted their first transaction over the weekend.

The entrepreneur is my wife, Kyle. She left her previous company in mid-2008 and has been working very hard to launch a very different, much more personal business endeavor since then.

The end result is My World Spirit

My World Spirit is a work of love, serving spirit across fundamental areas of interest with an eye toward forming connections both locally and across great distances.

The site features a magazine, a directory that provides connections to more than 18,000 practitioners and services within the spirit-based community, and a marketplace offering products of all kinds. There is also a community forum and social network. It is a Ning site and can be found at My World Spirit Community Forum.

Good luck, Kyle - I am proud of you!

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