Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laboring Towards Confirmation of Solis

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Speculation Swirls Over Solis Nomination

News stories and discussion in the blogosphere continue to swirl over the delay in the conformation of Secretary of Labor nominee Hilda Solis. President Obama named Ed Hugler, a long-time staffer in the Department of Labor as the acting Secretary.

Here is what the conversation has been on FriendFeed about Miss Solis and her situation.

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"Politically, it looks like both the House and Senate versions of the EFCA bill, which will not have substantially changed since the last attempt to pass it in 2007, will be introduced in the coming weeks, according to Senator Tom Harkin, who has been tasked by Senate Health Education and Labor Committee Chair Ted Kennedy with managing the bill, and Representative George Miller, the lead House sponsor. Walking to a Senate Democratic lunch with President Barack Obama, Harkin suggested the delay on introducing the legislation was related to Al Franken's continuing legal battle over Minnesota's senate election. The senator also expects the nomination of Hilda Solis for Secretary of Labor will clear the Senate before the Easter recess." - via Bookmarklet (edit | delete)


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