Friday, February 20, 2009

Eight Things SHRM Says HR Peeps Gotta Know

8 Skills HR Leaders Need (According to SHRM)

We gotta start learning about global intelligence, be tech savvy, able to show C-level dudes that we understand broad operations and processes that drive the business. We also gotta be prepared to discuss and explain the role of human capital issues and solutions in the context of broader business operations linking finance, operations, marketing, and all those other departments down the hall.

This is asking a lot, people!

The survey identified the following as the top eight leadership skills essential for HR business leaders:

  • Knowledge of business, HR and organizational operations;

  • Strategic thinking and critical/analytical thinking;

  • Leading change;

  • Effective communication;

  • Credibility;

  • Results orientation/drive for performance;

  • Ethical behavior;

  • Persuasiveness/influencing others

Nothing about HR strategiery, labor relationships, and a whole bunch of other stuff that probably matters just as much.

I am not sure what good these types of studies do any more.

PS - I own a baby blue SHRM hoodie just like the one depicted above. I bought it in Washington DC at the SHRM National Conference bookstore when it was wet and rainy and freezing!

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