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The Call of Jimmy Buffett | Pirates and Jugglers

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Juggling Jimmy Buffett

Sitting in a restaurant in Boca Raton listening to twenty somethings talking about dudes they know who surf every day with Jimmy Buffett.

Who wouldn't want to do that?

Then I run across this manifesto on a very cool web site called Change This. You should check this site out. I KNOW you have already checked out Jimmy Buffett.

Live the Juggle Life


We are all obsessed by it.

That 4-letter word.

We spend our lives doing it, thinking about it, talking about it.
So, if you’re not doing it right or you don’t like it, then you have a problem.

Too many people get stuck in a rut in their careers and work lives. They get embedded in a “this is how things should be done” culture, where they are slaves to the corporation, where they leave their personality at the office door, and the Work You is a million miles away from the Real You.

People forget they can change things—just like that. They forget that the status quo is not mandatory.
Let me introduce the Juggler’s Manifesto.

1 Forget Specialism, discover the value of being across more than one discipline. Sticking tojust one thing limits your potential, Place no limits on what you do and become more fulfilled.

2 Be passionate about all you do. Let your passions and desires inform and shape your work life.

3 Be adept at gear-shifting, from segueing from the huge to the tiny, from work to play.

4 Make time for play. Being a successful juggler is about working hard but also mixing up work and play, and using playtime as your inspiration and stimulation.

5 Be a chameleon, flexible and adaptable. Re-think all you do, be happy to change the rules again and again. Don’t stay entrenched in rigid ideas of how things should be done.

6 The best plan is a non-plan. Success in the knowledge economy is about making it up as you go along. Be The Accidental Executive or The Accidental Entrepreneur.

7 Use your instinct (every time); in making decisions, in deciding what to do, and what not to do.

8 Re-define personal success not by a salary package alone but by more important currency, such as: did you get to see your kid’s sports day, do you work with a decent bunch of people, did you take enough holiday this year?

9 Go beyond a job title and carve out a unique You-role. Take control, do it your way,
be authentic.

10 Develop a personal brand to unite and communicate your strengths.

11 Work hard, but work smart. Whilst success relies on you working hard, it’s also doing what you love; and when you do what you love, it doesn’t feel so much like work.

12 Have lots of self-belief and self-confidence. You must have a positive outlook,
be an optimist.

13 Be a pioneer, with no fear of the unknown. Be happy to learn new stuff and embrace new ideas.

14 Have purpose in all you do. Focus on making a difference and leaving a legacy.

If you want to know the rest, go look up Live the Juggle Life by Ian Saunders.

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