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Battlestar Galactica, Leadership and HR Florida

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Lessons on Leadership from Battlestar Galactica

On the February 6, 2009 episode of Battlestar Galactica, one of the characters, a subordinate member of the Galactica crew that is currently engaging in an active mutiny tells Admiral William Adama, played by Edward James Olmos, "Sorry Sir, I have always respected you, but I hate the Cylons, and I can't take orders from someone who refuses to fight them."

Battlestar Galactica is a science fiction series that in its second incarnation has managed to portray some very accurate reflections of our current societal turmoil, especially issues surrounding politics, terrorism, and race. Now that the series, airing Friday nights at 10 PM EST on the Sci-Fi channel is winding down, the struggles have become much more personal.

I suspect that the character mentioned above, by refusing to follow an order from a respected leader due to the fact they are not engaged in the vision of that leader resonates in the business world.

As business leaders, it is important to for us to ensure that we are not just in command, but that our subordinates understand the vision and mission we are following, even if it happens to be one which they may not agree with. Without transparent clarity on mission and objectives, those who do not share the bigger view at all times may lose sight of the bigger picture and let their own vision and objectives take precedence.

Just as this led to a full-out mutiny on Galactica, this could be going on in your organization right now. It might be a good idea to check the engagement level of your "troops"!


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And coincidentally, speaking of Edwards James Olmos, he will be one of the keynote speakers this year, along with Dr. Christine Dumas, and the The Honorable Alexis M. Herman.

Edward James Olmos Known as the "Olivier of the Latino world," Edward James Olmos is an individual flowing with talent and creativity. The multi-talented actor, producer, director, and community activist was born and raised in East Los Angeles.

While busy producing, directing and acting, Olmos also makes time to participate in many humanitarian efforts. He is a US Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, and a national spokesperson for organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. He has worked with David Rockefeller of the Rockefeller Foundation, and serves on the boards of many groups and organizations.

He is also the executive director of the Lives In Hazard Educational Project, a national gang prevention program funded by the US Dept. of Justice. He speaks at an average of 150 institutions each year. He also played an instrumental role in the cleanup efforts after the LA riots, the 1993 Los Angeles earthquake, and Hurricane Andrew in Florida.

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