Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time to Look For A New Direction

View Things From A Different Direction

Recently I have been running an occasional feature that I have been calling "Twitter Slice". The simple premise is that I select a timely topic or subject, usually from the daily news or related to a trending HR issue. I search that topic on twitter and post the related tweets from some randomly selected period of time.

On January 15th, I ran a "twitter slice" on the topic Who is Hiring on Twitter? here, and another on Layoffs at Satyam on my Best Practice Exchange blog.

While the pair of topics were not exactly paired as opposites, I find it interesting that the post on layoffs attracted more than three times the readers than the post on hiring.

Human Race Horses 24

Best Practice Exchange: 86

Is this interest in a negative topic a reflection of our economic times? Is our turbulent shitty economy driving us to miss opportunities while we watch the train wreck job market and fraud being unveiled left and right?

It might be time to look in a new direction....and January 20th offers a great opportunity to start doing so!

So does January 19th, so let's get our asses out and do some National Service.

I am going to volunteer to work with the Homeless Coalition of Hillsborough County this year. They can be found on twitter at @HomelessofHC. They need help with their 2009 Homeless Count.

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