Monday, January 19, 2009

Mercury Sushi Blues: Piven's Union Problem

Someone Get My Agent on the Phone!

Someone get Ari Gold on the phone! His most important client
alter ego, Jeremy Piven is the subject of a grievance filed by Writer/Producer David Mamet.

According to TV Guide and Yahoo, Mamet and the producers of Broadway show Speed-the-Plow filed a grievance against actor Jeremy Piven, who abruptly left the show in December due to what he said was a bad case of mercury poisoning.

Mamet has filed a grievance with the Actors' Equity union.

According to a story in the New York Times, unnamed sources say that the show's producers want Actors' Equity to perform an independent evaluation on Piven for medical evidence and to look into the actor's history of trying to leave the show early. Piven had previously requested to be released from the three-person play a week or two ahead of its Feb. 22 closing date.

Piven says he left the show due to medical problems, citing a high mercury count.

At the time of his departure, many were skeptical of his diagnosis, including Plow director David Mamet.

"So my understanding is that he is leaving show business to pursue a career as a thermometer," he said.

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