Monday, January 26, 2009

Layoffs Still the Watchword

Watching Layoffs Mount

Layoffs continue to dominate the world conversation today.

The New York Times called today "A Day of Layoffs".

Workers around the world, and particularly in Europe and the United States,
faced another round of job cuts on Monday that swept across several industries.

In the United States, several corporations said Monday morning that
they would cut a total of 45,000 jobs, slashing costs to survive a recession
that has taken a toll on new orders, profits and companies’ outlooks for growth.

The cuts announced Monday included 20,000 jobs at the heavy-equipment
manufacturer Caterpillar; 8,000 at the wireless provider Sprint
, 7,000 at Home
and 8,000 from the expected merger of the pharmaceutical makers Pfizer
and Wyeth.

Here is a look at the twenty most dugg articles related to layoffs on Digg.

Steve Ballmer's e-mail to employees regarding layoffs — Here is the e-mail that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent to employees this morning, as the company announced poor earnings and major layoffs.More… (Microsoft)
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Google Announces Layoffs (Now You Know It's Really Bad) — Google has announced layoffs. Not contractors. Not hourly workers. Googlers. Not many, thankfully--only 100--and some may be able to find jobs elsewhere in the company. But they're all in HR, which tells you something about how quickly Google has scaled back its own growth expectations.More… (Tech Industry News)
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Digg announces 10% layoffs, still aiming for profitability — Digg CEO Jay Adelson this morning is announcing that the social media site is laying off a "very small" portion of its workforce, but will also be hiring a new direct sales force and head of sales to drive the company to profitablity this year. More… (Tech Industry News)
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I, Cringely - Is IBM about to layoff 100,000 employees in the US? — IBM about to layoff 100,000 US employees?More… (Tech Industry News)
174 Comments dtompkins made popular 1 year 267 days ago
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Digg if you support NPR: First major layoff in 25 years — NPR is canceling two shows and making first organization-wide layoffs in 25 years. Due to a serious slowdown in the sponsorship market, these cutbacks may only be the beginning. More… (Arts & Culture)
623 Comments d2002 made popular 46 days ago
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Being Anti-Linux is bad for your business' health — Today, Microsoft is announcing its biggest layoff ever and Sun is quietly laying off the first of what may turn out to be an additional 6,000 employees. Red Hat? Total year-over-year up 17%. Novell? Its Linux sales in 2008 were up by 38%. Which companies do you think are doing better?More… (Linux/Unix)
211 Comments sjvn made popular 3 days ago
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NCSoft, Midway, and Vigil: Layoffs in a Texas Oasis — 3 Texas gaming companies fall into hard times. Rumors of massive layoffs have people wondering about their future.More… (Gaming Industry News)
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15 Funniest Cartoons and Web Comics About Layoffs — Forget about the news for a few minutes and get some laughs at the expense of the layoffs being announced daily around the world during the economic crisis.More… (Comics & Animation)
51 Comments upick made popular 47 days ago
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Is Microsoft Planning Its First-Ever Layoffs? — With the economy in the tank and other major firms planning massive cutbacks, rumors have been swirling for several weeks that Microsoft plans big layoffs of its own to be announced on or about Jan. 15.More… (Microsoft)
105 Comments motang made popular 24 days ago
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Microsoft gearing up for layoffs? Let's hope not — Company is rumored to be preparing itself for deep layoffs in an attempt to bolster profitability. But even this Microsoft critic can't get excited about Microsofties out of work. More… (Business & Finance)
88 Comments AmyVernon made popular 30 days ago
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Tech Layoffs: The Scorecard — With the overall economy slumping, the tech industry is taking its fair share of hitsMore… (Tech Industry News)
45 Comments ritubpant made popular 96 days ago
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Bad Things (or Layoffs) Happen to Other People — Despite the dismal economy, widespread layoffs and rising unemployment, a large majority of employees are optimistic about their future, according to a recent survey. 4 out of 5 adults are not concerned about layoffs - it must be happening to "some other people"More… (Business & Finance)
117 Comments Shiner76 made popular 17 days ago
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AMD to Cut 1,100 Positions, Initiate Temporary Salary Cuts — AMD will cut 1,100 positions in the first quarter through attrition and layoffs, as one of its measures to cut costs during these recessionary times. More… (Tech Industry News)
71 Comments Burento made popular 9 days ago
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No recession here: Amazon reports best Christmas season ever — Tired of layoff and terrible economy news? Here you go: Amazon actually had a great Christmas season. More… (Business & Finance)
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Recession hits Silicon Valley as layoffs pile up — The recession turned up late on Silicon Valley's doorstep but is likely to stay awhile, as technology companies slash thousands of jobs and rein in costs to make up for shrinking earnings and tight-fisted...More… (World News)

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19,683 Tech Layoffs And Counting — This has been a brutal month or so for tech layoffs. According to our Layoff Tracker, there have been 19,683 job eliminations at tech companies announced since mid-September, and we’re not even counting the 24,600 people at Hewlett-Packard who are being eliminated as a result of its merger with EDS. More… (Tech Industry News)

bamafun made popular 92 days ago
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UGO Buys 1up, Massive Layoffs — UGO just acquired 1up and canceled EGM, along with firing 30+ employees. More… (Gaming Industry News)

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Report: Yahoo plans cost-cutting moves, layoffs — Internet pioneer to announce cost-cutting moves this week as part of cost-cutting moves, including another round of layoffs, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Will it help the stock price?More… (Tech Industry News)

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Microsoft Layoff Rumors Swirl — Reports today that as early as this month, Microsoft will begin reducing its workforce. Xbox 360 purveyor said to be reducing workforce significantly as early as this month; initial estimates of 15,000 layoffs labeled "grossly exaggerated." More… (Microsoft)

Surferess made popular 18 days ago
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digg it — Job cuts in the United States reached a five-year high in October, a private research group said Wednesday. More… (Business & Finance)

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Maybe Videogames Aren't So Recession-proof After All — While still a vital industry, mounting layoffs show the impact of tough economic times.More… (Gaming Industry News)

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