Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Golden Nugget Discovered in Las Vegas!

Kenny the Monk Was Pure Gold!

One of the very best things about attending conferences like the Employer of Excellence Conference is the opportunity to discover one of those rare gold nuggets, unexpected pleasures like a speaker who is unexpectedly stirring, or even better, a speaker who makes you laugh out loud during a lunch keynote address.

I had that happen this afternoon when I had a chance to hear Kenny Moore speak. Moore is the Director of Human Resources and Corporate Ombudsman in a multi-billion dollar International Energy Company in New York. He reports directly to the Chairman and has over 20 years Corporate experience with Leadership Development, Change Management and Healing the Business Community.

Kenny Moore is the co-author of "The CEO and the Monk: One Company’s Journey to Profit and Purpose" (John Wiley and Sons), rated as one of the top-ten best selling business books on Amazon.com.

He’s been profiled by Charles Osgood as the “Cover Story” on CBS News Sunday Morning, written-up by business-guru Tom Peters, profiled in Fast Company Magazine, interviewed on New York City’s The Bloomberg Money Show: Bloomberg Radio and cited in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, National Catholic Reporter and numerous other business and religious publications regarding his timely message.

Kenny’s numerous writings have been published in Warren Bennis' "Leadership Excellence" magazine, OD Practitioner and The Journal for Quality and Participation as well as business web sites such as HR.com.

Kenny has not only gained recognition as a business leader, but also as a church leader. Prior to coming to corporate life, Moore spent 15 years in a monastic community as a Catholic priest in one of the world’s largest religious orders. His accomplishments in leading people, building community and offering hope are a continual hallmark of his work with large hierarchical organizations, both sacred and secular alike.

He noted at lunch that he wanted to get married and a family so badly that he left a monastery and his celibacy vows after fifteen years. He says recently realized that now that he is married and the parent of two teenagers, he really wants to go back to the monastery.

You need to check out his web site Kenny the Monk. Check out his "5 Strategies for a Successful Year".

1 – Maintain a Healthy Sense of Cynicism
2 – Stay Clear of Feedback
3 – Lower Your Expectations
4 – Be Wary of the Web
5 – Rekindle a Romantic Relationship with Ancestors

I think you will like Kenny. Let me know what you think!

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