Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michael VanDervort: Human Race Horses Blog Profile

The HUMAN Resource album coverImage via WikipediaBlog Profile on Michael VanDervort of Human Race Horses

J. William Tincup has been profiling bloggers who write in the Human Resources and Human Capital space all through the month of December. The profiles can be found on his JPIE blog.

I have enjoyed reading about the reasons people blog, and the reasons that they started a blog in the HR area, as well as learning odd facts about my on-line peers and colleagues.

Today it was my turn to be featured over there. Check out my self promotional shilling for Human Race Horses over there, and also read about other bloggers as well.

And thanks for the air time, J. William!

Oh, and if you want in the action, let J. William know...

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