Sunday, December 7, 2008

Labor Unions All Over The Map

Labor Unions Are A Hot Topic

Labor unions are trendy right now. And I am not going to address the topic of the Employee Free Choice Act, which is the real headline grabber these days.

They are all over the media:

And most recently, taking over the property of a former employer after the company, Republic Windows of Chicago went out of business with out notice last Friday. Worker there are protesting the loss of vacation pay and other benefits due to the collapse of Republic.

Workers also protested at the Chicago offices of Bank of America, which closed the line of credit that had been keeping Republic open.

The workers say the company is cheating them out of paid vacation time, insurance benefits and severance they are due under the law. The business reportedly told the workers Tuesday it was shutting its doors because Bank of America cut off the company's line of credit. Dozens of the ex-employees began occupying the factory Friday.

"The situation is just outrageous," union representative Leah Fried said. "It's shameful. Bank of America got $25 billion in bailout money."

"And then on top of it," she added, "they don't want to authorize the company to pay peoples' vacation and severance they're owed under law? I mean, these are just what they're owed under law. We're not asking for anything extra."
How is the relationship with YOUR union?

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