Monday, December 22, 2008

Grievance Against Muzak

Muzak Physically Hurting My Ears!

I get to my beautiful office cube this morning overlooking the pond. Ducks are swimming. Otters are playing. A turtle swims idly along the shore. A bucolic scene outside the glass.

Inside? Muzak! Gaccckkk!

The first four songs up this morning?

  • Juice Newton - Queen of Hearts
  • Hall and Oates - Your Kiss is on My Lips
  • Dolly Parton - 9 to 5
  • Olivia Newton John - Let's get Physical

Somebody do something! Please help me!

If I lived in England, I would have someone to champion my cause.

This site will help you to protest about the increasing use of muzak by
national and international companies in Britain. Generally, the public has
little choice about this: music is streamed at us, without our permission,
choice, or control, as a commercial ploy to make us spend more. This is a misuse
of music and an abuse of the company relationship with us, their customers.

The idea is simple: this site will provide addresses, telephone numbers,
e-mail addresses, and web site addresses when this is relevant so that you
are able to quickly and easily make a complaint. It also provides a listing of
pubs, restaurants, and cafes that do not play piped music.

If you find yourself increasingly frustrated, irritated and annoyed by the presence of muzak in public places, make a complaint. At the very least this might relieve some of your frustration, and it might even make a difference.

What is it that makes you lose your mind at the office? We want to hear!

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