Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Going Green to Survive

Employers Go Green Out Of Necessity

A new business trend is developing. Companies are going Green by necessity. As part of their cost reduction efforts, companies all over the world are cutting in major and minor ways. Some may seem trivial, but the cost savings, and the help to the environment can add up.

At General Motors, costs are being shaved in many ways. supervisors are losing their land line phones and voice mail. The supply of pens has been standardized to one model in three colors. Even some of the escalators have been shut down at the GM Renaissance Center headquarters in downtown Detroit to save on electricity.

At Toyota, famous for their hybrid technology, costs are being scrutinized so closely that even hand dryers have been turned off in some of the bathrooms to conserve electricity.

In India, employers are trying to reduce costs, rather than lay off employees. To cut on electricity bills Kotak Mahindra Bank introduced the 'Kill Bill' campaign under which the air-conditioners are set at a particular temperature and computer monitors are asked to be switched off when not in use.

How are you saving at your company? We would like to hear!

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