Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Inexpensive but Meaningful Holiday Gifts

An emotional gift-giving guide

From an email sent out by a corporate VP of HR: (original source unknown)
12 holiday gifts to give your self and others for next year.
  1. To yourself, respect and confidence.
  2. To a friend, an open ear and a caring spirit.
  3. To a family member, unconditional love.
  4. To our natural world, protection and preservation.
  5. To a good cause, generosity and ardent advocacy.
  6. To a traveler, the open door of hospitality.
  7. To a customer, excellent service.
  8. To the ill and hurting, dedicated concern and healing comfort.
  9. To a child, patience and a good example.
  10. To a parent, a helping hand.
  11. To an elder, reverence and gratitude.
  12. To everyone you meet positive energy.

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