Monday, November 24, 2008

Trivially Speaking

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Did you know?
  • California, Minnesota, Rhode Island and New Mexico are the only states to include transgender as a protected class under the state sexual discrimination statutes?

  • Under Title VII, employers can be liable for the conduct of non-employees?

  • Employers may be liable for a defamation claim if the investigation into alleged sexual harassment was recklessly conducted?

  • The EEOC recently announced it had settled a major race discrimination lawsuit against a large hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip for over $1 million?

  • An attorney who directly participates in the fact-gathering investigation may be disqualified from acting as the employer's advocate?

  • A court in Texas recently affirmed an $8 million verdict in punitive damages against a company for "fostering a corporate culture" of sexual harassment?

  • In 2002, approximately 15% of all sexual harassment claims were filed by men?

  • California is one of eight states to include protection from discrimination for sexual orientation?

  • The EEOC recently announced a $3.5 million settlement of an employment discrimination lawsuit against an AZ company in which 35 female and Hispanic low-wage workers were subjected to widespread sexual harassment, national origin discrimination, and retailiation?

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