Friday, November 7, 2008

Think Like Bill Gates? Here is Your Chance To

18 Months From What?

show exactly how that might look, and win fabulous prizes and honors!

"We are always 18 months away from failure."
--Bill Gates,Microsoft Corp. co-founder and philanthropist

This is a quote from Bill worthy or being repeated. I thought it was kind of obvious, and that it also was kind of "glass half empty", but that is just me.

Could this be viewed from other perspectives? Should this be viewed from another perspective?

I say "hells yah!"

So here ya go....time to party like Janaury 2008, and put your own quote out there for posterity!

Do you have what it takes to utter words that may live forever in infamy?

Words that could get posted on a web site and forgotten forever?

Here is your chance to be a thought leader on the scale of the world's richest dude! All topics are open.

Fill in the blank with your own answers, and post it in the comments section

"We are always 18 months away from _____."
--_________ (Friend of Bill Gates,Microsoft Corp. co-founder)

The one deemed the best by my advisory panel will win the highly distinguished and coveted 2008 Human Race Horses "Run For the Bushes" award.

Besides the international recognition and prestige you will gain, you will get a certificate suitable for framing and a $25 gift card from somewhere cool!

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  1. We are always 18 months away from sobriety

    We are always 18 months away from lasting solutions


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