Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SHRM - Better Late Than Never?

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Better Late Than Never?

Thank God, Laurie Ruettiman of Punk Rock HR posted on the SHRM election guide.

I have been suffering from a weeks long bout with insomnia further complicated by the end of daylight savings time.

I was wide awake last night at 4:30 Am after a peaceful three hours sleep when I decided to give up staring at the digital clock on my ceiling and go to check my email.

I received the same email from SHRM that Laurie posted on. The one telling us that:

"With Election Day just ONE day away, SHRM’s Government Affairs
wanted to share with you the results of our 2008 Presidential
Candidate Questionnaire, which highlights the Republican and Democratic
nominees’ positions on key HR public policy issues."

I read the email at 4:30 AM this morning and almost got up and get ready to go vote, being overwhelmed with the urgency of their message. Fortunately, I took a couple of sips of coffee and realized that I had already voted 10 days ago.

Having attained this level of clarity brought on another epiphany. I realized that sending the membership of a national professional organization your election/voting guide the evening prior to the election was being done for one simple reason.

Someone needed to check a box off on their to-do list, as in:

Order Franklin-Covey Planner forms
X Drop off laundry
X Sent out 2008 SHRM Election Guide
Get milk
Remember to Vote on Tuesday

Obviously, timeliness and customer satisfaction are not part of the measurables for meeting performance objectives at SHRM.

Better barely on time than never, SHRM?

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