Sunday, November 9, 2008

Love Those (link) Comments!

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An interesting comment on commenting and SEO from Jim Connolly of

regarding the strategy of building your blog Google ranking by posting comments on other blogs.

Per Marketing Specialist Jim Connolly:

If you have been reading my newsletter over the years or my previous blog posts, you will know that I am passionate about helping as many people as possible to grow their businesses, increase their sales and boost their profits.

Link love

That’s why I’m ALWAYS looking for new ways to give something of value to the people who follow my work - And starting now, YOU are going to be rewarded every time you leave a comment on this blog!

blog marketingThat’s because I am making the link from your comments on, a lot more valuable to you and your website, blog or business!

Here’s how!

One of the best ways to increase your Search Engine Ranking, is to have lots of relevant links pointing to your website or blog. However, MOST links are of reduced value, from an SEO perspective. These are called ‘no-follow’ links; because they use a piece of code to make sure that search engines do NOT follow the link to your site or blog!

To show how common these ‘no-follow’ links are - I checked out 10 of the best-known marketing / social media blogs & they ALL use no-follow links!


So, YOU take time to comment on THEIR blogs and THEY then repay you by telling Google and Co to ignore you!

Why do they do this?

Firstly, blogs offering no-follow links are of limited SEO value, so they attract less SPAM comments because spammers realise the links not of much use to them.

Secondly, many people (but not everyone), believe that by linking properly to your blog from theirs, they are ‘likely’ to actually lower their own search engine rankings.

marketing blogDo follow

Starting now, when you comment on, the link it gives you will be a ‘do-follow’ link. It will tell Google and all the other search engines to follow you to your website or blog!

This means you will get a small “thank you” from me every time you comment here!

Jim, thanks for the info! (and the link love!)

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for linking (whether on purpose or auto generated) to my recent post on SEO via Zemanta; and may I add that not only do I write about social media and online marketing, but I recently set up do-follow.

    So feel free to comment on my blog about anything, and you'll always get free love back!


  2. Ari, Always happy to share links and find a great new resource of information. Look forward to following your thoughts on social media!


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