Thursday, November 13, 2008

A LinkedIn Referral For A LinkedIn Expert

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I had a request from one of my LinkedIn contacts to make some referrals for him today.

Zale Tabakman is a marketing and LinkedIn specialist from Canada, who has developed a program designed to help executives facing job loss to utilize LinkedIn effectively.

One of the blogs I have listed in my Blog roll is the Success Through Balance blog which is also written by Zale Tabakman.

It may not come as a surprise to hear that, according to Zale, he is about teaching success through balance.

In his own words, Zale describes himself by saying:

This article is just about getting to know me as a person and helping to create some credibility in what I write. If you already know me and trust me - the rest of the article may be a bit boring. If I am new to you - keep reading and my writings will start to make more sense.

Unless you have met me face-to-face, its hard to get to know the kind of person I am. And if you have met me face-to-face its hard to get to know what I think about. While this problem exists for everybody, is my attempt to help you know what Zale Tabakman thinks about and wants to share with the entire world. Don’t worry, there is nothing weird here nor am I going to share my deepest darkest secrets, but I will share everything I know that will help you become successful though creating and maintaining a balanced life.

Each and everyday you get to do what you want and you get to enjoy it. That is Success Through Balance. It means setting goals in all five areas of your life and then achieving those goals.

Zale reached out to me via LinkedIn where we are connected with a request.

On November 26th and December 10, I am running a course called LinkedIn for Job Hunters and don't know how to make it available to staff of companies being laid off.

Many executives are being laid off and many more will be. The last recession was 10 years ago, and many of the job hunting skills have lapsed. And they probably know even less about using LinkedIn to get a job.

With all the thousands of recruiters on LinkedIn, I wanted to help the people create profiles that make them seen as "Ideal Candidates" and get them jobs. This is what the course teaches.

I would like to offer the course to companies laying off people.

I would appreciate any idea or two of where I might let the appropriate HR people know about it.

I have described the why and how of the course at

Any help would be appreciated.

So here is where the chance to help comes in. If you are an HR professional reading the blog, check out the link above and see if the course would be useful. HRM Today colleagues, check it out as well.

I will be posting a couple of guest articles from Zale that I hope you will find useful.

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