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Friends of Bill (Gates)

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I recently posted a quote from Bill Gates that went: "We are always 18 months away from failure."

I then challenged you guys to come up with your own version of the quote.

You rose to the challenge with all the brilliance, sagacity, and ... well... sarcasm that I expected!

Here are some of your responses:

A competitive response

"We are always 18 months away from the competition." -- Zunaira Munir of StraegizeBlue

An optimistic response

"We are always 18 months away from having everything we want!" -- Scott Precious

A response that can be taken either way!

"We are always 18 months away from the unimagineable." -- Lori Dillard

A repetitive response

"We are always 18 months away from answering this question again–and again." -- Marc Rapp

Another competitive view!

"If one believes they will fail, then they need to work that much harder. I am really not bent on failing. If others in my industry want to fail, then it opens up more clientele for me!"
Adrienne Sasson of Travel News You Can Use

Some humorously sarcastic points of view

"We are always 18 months away from another elephant in the room giving birth." --Sue Reale (Friend of Bill Gates,Microsoft Corp. co-founder)


:We are always 18 months away from a derivative, non functioning BETA release of a piece of software that we will be roundly ridiculed for." -- Mark Hayes

"We are always 18 months away from copying MAC OS X" -- Les Martin

"We are always 18 months away from... Microsoft failing." -- David Koba

An expansive quote

"We are always 18 months away from a year and a half in the past and a year and a half away from an expansive set of future possibilities (not infinite).

Our actions between now and those 18 months in the future determine which ones of those possibilities remain in the set.

None of our actions can add what's possible, but they can most surely cause possibilities to be removed." -- Jeff Doak

An obvious quote

"We are always 18 months away from being a year and a half older..." -- Dave Maskin

An imaginative quote

"We are always 18 months away from the unimagineable." -- Lori Dillard

A pair of quotes from Tyrone who didn't leave any personal information:

"We are always 18 months away from lasting solutions." and

"We are always 18 months away from sobriety."

and finally a quote that reflects today's precarious financial world

"We are always 18 months away from disapointing everyone who has helped us and everyone who depends on us to help them. I would say we are always 9 months away from losing everything."-- Shawn Buchanan Founder of MoReMi and Under the Baobab Tree

I will be contacting Shawn to donate the $25 to MoReMi.

MoReMi focuses on key survival initiatives for husbandless Swaziland and West Africa women with children. Most of these women have lost their husbands due to disease and war, and are in dire need of safe drinking water, employment, education, and a nurturing environment where their families can prosper.

Our organization, dual based in the US and Germany, empowers these women to self sustain as micro businesswomen through the fair wage, fair trade, and green manufacturing of cosmetics, apparel, and furniture. We provide the necessary exporting expertise to sell the goods to other countries, reinvesting profits to train additional women and improve the quality of life. Currently we are importing 100% pure unrefined USDA certified Shea Butter, Pure Organic African Black Soap from Nigeria, Swazi hand made furniture, and African apparel.

We are further developing strategies to build safe communities. These include: MoReMi-H2O, an initiative to provide water purification kits; a Swazi furniture workshop, with on site day care, so women can learn the traditional art of Swazi handcrafted furniture making to sell; and a Women's Village, where women can learn a trade and send their children to school without worrying about the high cost of school fees.

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