Monday, December 1, 2008

How to Be a Social Media HR Expert in Only 7 Days!

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...Image by via CrunchBase Seven Days to Being Neck Deep in Social Media

If you start this easy 7 step program today, you will be well on your way to entering the brave, not so new world of social media/Web 2.0 with a minor in Human Resources!

A quick list of places that Human Resources professionals should be looking at, especially if you want to increase your exposure to social media and how you can use it in our field.

  1. LinkedIn - You need to create a profile NOW if you don't have one. Do it today before you go back to work on Monday.
  2. Facebook - See above, except you can probably wait until Monday to do this.
  3. HRM Today - go to this site, mingle with the people, read the blogs (including Human Race Horses)and sign up. It's free and easy!
  4. - even if you are not a full-time recruiter, this single site is a treasure trove of information and networking opportunities. Create a profile on Wednesday.
  5. HR Alltop - on Thursday, make a note to bookmark this site, go there often, read the blogs. You will be as smart as if you had stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!
  6. Immerse yourself in Google <--- through this link you can use an hour this coming Friday to sign up for a Gmail account, add GTalk, set up your Google Reader account, and learn how to use RSS feeds (that little orange box you see everywhere) to aggregate news and information and make yourself into a business ubermensch!
  7. Saturday is party time - get social by joining twitter, FriendFeed, or some other social media aggregator. Now that you are going full speed ahead, you will mingling all over the world in a few weeks. If you are still on cruise control, sign up for Plaxo, which is a less heavy duty aggregator that also functions as a great contact manager.

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  1. This is basic, yet very solid advice that I will be sure to share with some of my colleagues who are sick of me telling them the same things. Well done.

  2. Steve, Thanks for your comment. This was intended to be a basic jump start for those people who think they probably should jump into social media, but are reluctant.

    I believe HR professionals should be early adopters, not just on technology, but in ideas and practices.

    If a few people get started, it is a good thing. Thanks for reading HRH, your comments are welcome anytime!

    Michael VaNDervort


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