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Help Your Career on Job Action Day

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Quintessential Careers has declared today, Nov. 3, 2008, Job Action Day worldwide -- a day for job-seekers and workers to confront the current economic crisis head-on and take action steps to improve their careers.

To rally those who have lost their jobs or are facing possible job loss in the current devastated economic climate, Job Action Day 2008 aims to empower workers and job-seekers to take proactive steps to shore up their job and career outlook.

For job-seekers, Job Action Day is a chance to take a break from the daily grind of job-hunting to take a look at the bigger picture of their careers and job-search strategies. It's a day to strategize plans for developing new job and career options and devising new and better ways to track down job leads and position themselves for employment opportunities.

For workers facing possible job loss, Job Action Day is a time to not only examine their current job and employer, but also evaluate both the stability of that job and employer as well as their personal fulfillment with their jobs. It's a day to take stock of their careers and develop a plan for their next career steps.

We have deliberately set Job Action Day 2008 for the eve of the U.S. presidential election to encourage voters to think about job creation and the avoidance of further job losses as they cast their votes. Beyond the election, workers and job-seekers must hold the next president's feet to the fire. Echoing Hillary Rodham Clinton's battle cry at a recent rally in Orlando, FL, the concept of Jobs, Baby, Jobs" must be a top priority for the new leader.

Our challenge to you, our readers, is to ask you to do at least ONE proactive thing TODAY, Job Action Day 2008, to improve your job and/or career situation. Whether you update your resume, develop a backup plan in case of job loss, or add contacts to your network, take at least one action Today for Job Action Day.

As our regular contributor Joe Turner says, "Don't let all the hype about the economy spook you into a state of panic and inaction."

To help you do that, we've brought you an assessment and five articles with action steps you can take right now to safeguard and propel your career.

Although we conceived Job Action Day very recently, we are heartened by the huge reaction of career experts and bloggers who are joining us in this effort. Dozens of them contributed tips for the article, Attacking the Job Market and Workplace Proactively in Tough Times: A Roundup of Expert Advice. Others are writing about Job Action Day in their own blogs and newsletters.

Other article topics we tackle in this issue include assessing the security of your job, recognizing layoff warning signs, developing a plan in the event of job loss, making the best of a bad economy, and -- for new grads and college students, job-hunting in uncertain times.

By the way, after we set the date for

Job Action Day, we realized the day

was coincidentally the 12th anniversary

of Quintessential Careers. We are

confident the Job Action Day effort is

a fitting way to celebrate our dozen

years of empowering workers, students,

and job-seekers.

One of your proactive steps could be to

check out our job-search portal at

And one more plea to our U.S. readers:

Vote, baby, vote.

-- Katharine Hansen, PhD

Master Resume Writer

Credentialed Career Manager

editor at

-- Randall S. Hansen, PhD

Founder, Publisher, Webmaster

Quintessential Careers

Blog Links for Job Action Day


We are thrilled that on very short notice, these bloggers have joined the effort to blog about taking a proactive stance with your job and career on Job Action Day:

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[Meaning Abundance & Passion]

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with Diane & Friends:

Jacob Share: JobMob

Darrell Gurney: In The Line of Hire

Dave Rigotti: Career Fire

Deborah Brown-Volkman:

Surpass Your Dreams

Jason Alba: Jibber Jobber Blog

Lindsey Pollak: Lindsey Pollak Blog

Career Advice & Commentary:

Louise Fletcher: blueskyresumesblog:

Maggie Mistal: what if...:

Miriam Salpeter: Keppie Careers:

Rich Milgram:

Steven Davies: JobPerfect Job Search


Steven Rothberg: Blog:

Wendy Terwelp: Rock Your Career:

Willy Franzen: One Day, One Job:

Of course, the Quintessential Careers

family of blogs also features

Job Action Day entries today, including:

Quintessential Careers Blog:

Career Doctor Blog:

Quintessential Resume and Cover Letter Tips Blog:

A Storied Career:


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  1. Michael, thanks for the link (and nice mug shot, btw!) :)

    Jason Alba
    CEO -
    Author - I'm on LinkedIn -- Now What???

  2. Jason

    Thanks for dropping by thesite and adding the comment. Jibber Jobber is great. Glad to be able to help with the Job Action Day. (although it sounds a little like a strike!)

    -- Michael

  3. I Just clesed My construction Compay and I,m looking for a new Job!
    Thanks for the Links!

  4. Sorry to hear about ypour having to close your business. Glad to be of a little help with the links!

    Good luck!

  5. Job search platforms like Monster’s and CareerBuilder’s are also good online options but the problem with them is that their search engines that are supposed to match you with the job you're looking for arenn't intelligent enough.

    Good thing then that there's this new site called

    It's a fairly new site but the job matches you'll get are pretty spot-on with what you're looking for.

    They also happen to have an account on YouTube that's got some pretty funny and cute videos at

    Hope you find the job that you're looking for there!


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