Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why People Are Pissed About The Bailout and U.S. Banks

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Dear U.S. Banking System Leaders,

You are really starting to piss people off for lots of stuff, but mostly for taking bags of cash from your failing companies, while leaving your workers standing and holding what will be a mostly empty bag.
Your greed, excess, and bad business practices have taken money out of my pocket, along with those of most of the American middle class.

According to our government, unless I contribute a fair amount of future tax dollars to what seems to be a not very well thought through bailout plan, our economy will be in endangered for years to come.

And I haven't even mentioned the tax burden my children and their children will be carrying to keep you going.

So, what are you doing to contribute to the bailout? Where is the share that you are putting forth?

What are you doing for your employees?


Your Customer and potential future owner
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