Friday, October 31, 2008

Smucker Acquires Folgers, Expands Jobs, Facility

Many of the companies on the Great Place to Work list are known for being non-conformist and bucking trends. One of them is doing a great job of bucking trends this week.

The J.M.Smucker company of Orville, Ohio is going against the mainstream of the current economic environment by making acquisitions, adding jobs, and expanding their facilities during the current severe economic downturn.

Once the merger of Smucker and Folgers Coffee is complete, Smucker officials expect to add jobs and to build new office space at their headquarters.

According to the web site, expansion plans are already in place according to officials of Smucker. They report the company will add either an addition or a new building to complement the existing facilities.

The food company, best known for jams and jellies, will need the extra space as it adds 150 to 200 employees at its headquarters in the next year. The growth can be attributed to the Folgers merger as well as overall growth at the company, said spokeswoman Maribeth Badertscher. That's in addition to the 1,300 employees already on campus.

As part of the Folgers deal, Smucker will gain 1,250 new employees, mostly at four plants in New Orleans, Kansas City, Mo., and Sherman, Texas. There's also a distribution center in New Orleans and offices in Cincinnati.

Some employees will be moving from Cincinnati to Orrville, though exact numbers haven't been released. Before the merger, Smucker had about 3,500 employees.

Hires will be needed in such areas as information services, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, customer service and supply chain and logistics. The company's Web site,,/ will be updated within the next few weeks to include new job postings, Badertscher said. Applicants can also submit their resumes online.

Hiring has begun — with the help of some recruiting companies — and will continue for the next year to 18 months, Badertscher said.

Comemnts on the Smucker Culture

Smucker said it is important for the company to have employees on one campus.
''We have a big emphasis on person-to-person contact, even in the days of e-mails and voice mails,'' said Smucker, who is chairman of the board and co-chief executive with his brother, Richard.

At a time when other companies are announcing layoffs, Badertscher said Smucker's growth with Folgers and within the company is a bright spot.

''Our company is definitely growing and a positive in Northeast Ohio,'' she said.
Badertscher estimated that over the last six years, with the latest 150 to 200 hires, the company will have added 500 jobs.

Career Opportunities

The J.M. Smucker Company has consistently been rated in Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For in America."

Our employees feel this way, in part, because of our Company's business practices and philosophies as expressed in our Basic Beliefs.

Of particular importance is our emphasis on people. We will be fair with our employees and maintain an environment that encourages personal responsibility within the Company and the community. In return, we will seek employees who are committed to preserving and enhancing these values.

Smucker Basic Beliefs

Our Basic Beliefs are an expression of the values and principles that guide our Company's strategic behavior and direction.

These basic beliefs are deeply rooted in the philosophy and heritage of the Company's founder, Jerome Monroe Smucker. Because he made a quality product, sold it at a fair price, and followed sound policies, the Company prospered.

Today, we continue to grow by adhering to our Basic Beliefs of quality, people, ethics, growth, and independence.

These time-honored principles have served as a strong foundation throughout our history, and serve as the guideposts for all our future strategy, plans, and achievements.

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