Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pump Up The Volume When You Speak!

Art Linkletter and Mark Victor Hansen reading ...Image by Wendy Kurtz via FlickrSpeak Only When Someone Pays You to Speak!

Who wouldn't want to make a living by talking?

What do you mean that is what most Human Resources people excel at?

It could be we resemble that remark. So do many other people apparently.

From Mark Victor Hansen:

For speakers in 2008, it's the best of times… and it’s also the worst.

The speaking industry has changed dramatically — and continues to do so.

Corporate training budgets are down.

New players are in the speaking business.

Being a 'professional speaker' is no longer enough. Content is king.

Expertise is essential.

Positioning is power.

And hot topics come and go in a matter of weeks.

But for me, and other professional information marketers who have “speaking” as part their businesses — times have never been better!

You can develop your skills by attending a "closed door meeting" that will skyrocket your career as a professional speaker. This weekend session is put together by Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Speaking Empire in Los Angeles, November 7-9.

You will want to consider attending if you want to skyrocket your existing professional speaking business — or, you want to leverage your current profession by adding a speaking component— or, you want to start fresh and transform your life with the power of public speaking.

The listed "Faculty" include:

Sign up here if you are interested in attending!

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  1. That weekend workshop is definitely a good idea. I might have to attend!


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