Saturday, October 11, 2008

Memorable Potty Stops

City of Huntington, West VirginiaImage via Wikipedia

I woke up this morning to a message on twitter from Laurie Ruettiman telling me she stopped to go to the bathroom at a place that reminded her of me. I am not sure what it means that seeing a place with "Old" and "Dutch" in the name is supposed to say about me, but I digress.

Seriously though, I want to thank Laurie for thinking of me on her long semi cross-country trek through the wilds of West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Michigan. Laurie is good for tourism, traveling back and forth as she is. Hell, even Sarah Palin wants to visit West Virginia now. She is planning a bus trip across the state!
Ohio Rest Stop circa 1958!

Now that Laurie has raised the bar on supporting fellow bloggers so high by including road trip bathroom pit stop shout-outs, I have a new mission in life.

I plan on dedicating myself to driving back and forth across the country until I can find a place that I can take a “Bio Break” that reminds me of Laurie Ruettimann. Damn, that’s gonna be difficult. It will have to be totally unique.

Let's see, I have to find somewhere that brings to mind the following:
  • punk rock attitude
  • HR critic/pundit
  • peroxide
  • unemployment
  • blogging
  • cats and dogs
  • manic panic
  • a bad attitude

Maybe the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland? Hey, it’s in Ohio, the longest and boringest state in the country. You should try driving from Las Vegas to Indiana, if you want to see boring!

Vegas? Hmm, maybe Dick's Last Resort in the Excalibur where the atmosphere makes everyone feel like they’re temporarily breaking all the rules…and getting away with it.

CBGB's bathrooms were legendary and would have been perfect if they weren't already closed.

At least the Internet has plenty of helpful information available, the leading source of information on rest stops on google is Rest Area History, a non-profit site brimming with information on rest stops across the USA. They even have a featured state page here.

Let the search begin!


  1. What's better than mutual admiration involving....ahh, never mind. Your post cracked me up. Here's to sticking together as blogging colleagues!


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