Wednesday, October 8, 2008

John McCain and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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This is really too surreal for words! McCain addresses US citizens as "My fellow prisoners", instead of the annoying "My friends".
I thought the most recent celebrity prisoner was the Juice?
O.J. Simpson Mug Shot

Are we all prisoners today, and has John McCain simply succumbed to the new reality?

mvndrvrt The same sense of clarity must apply

iamnotrobot John McCain referred to americans as "my fellow prisoners"

natthedem Frankly, I think McCain addressing Americans as "my fellow prisoners" might be as close to reality as he's been in this entire campaign.

joshuamneff McCain really said "My fellow prisoners"? Is he losing it? Or trying to play the POW card for the umpteenth time?

renafaye2 McCain having PTSD and flash backs, is the stress getting to him, MY FELLOW PRISONERS LOL???

danlight McCain calles Americans 'my fellow prisoners' Freudian slip or Foucault reference?

kwtharp #My fellow prisoners, proof that McCain is still trying to win Viet Nam in his mind.

bleach "My Fellow Prisoners" - McCain

Catwoman69y2k Yes, "My Fellow Prisoners", even a POW from McCain's era agrees he is not fit.

clm122704 McCain "my fellow prisoners" Haven't we all been captive to the Bush/Cheney administration?

uglyMonkeyBoy John McCain just referred to the country as "my fellow prisoners." - - thanks @letc5h

thepinkc Shaking my head at: "John McCain calls Americans 'My Fellow Prisoners'" ( )

AngryLeftie "My fellow prisoners" - is the trauma of this election triggering flashbacks now? Is McCain going to start confessing stuff he didnt do?

sarchet62 McCain Calls Americans 'My Fellow Prisoners' this is NOT a JOKE...

bacon_pony of 10/8/08 is... John McCain saying "my fellow prisoners..."

wmrandth @academicdave your "McCain's "my fellow prisoners" remark was actually a Foucault reference" :) definitely the tweet of the day

wendelldotme @mollydotcom To McCain, we are all "My Friends"... and "My Fellow Prisoners". Yep. he's totally lost it.

bellzapoppin McCain refers to his fellow citizens as "my fellow prisoners." How much more unraveled can he get?

mombloggersclub McCain says: My fellow prisoners...

thorswitch Ok, Chicago Trib has a copy of McCain's remarks as prepared for delivery, and he was supposed to say "my fellow citizens" not prisoners
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